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Chicago Artist Resources

By: Lyra Wilson

Chicago is my kind of town. The people are nice, the streets are clean, and it’s the perfect artistic hub. A prime example is to look at the bean sculpture. Everyone talks about New York and Los Angeles, but Chicago is severely underrated. It might be windy, but here are six art resources that will help blow you into the right hands to get your art off the ground.

(sign made via Wndr Museum)

1) The Chicago Public Art Program

If you’re looking to contribute a little bit more to the city, then a great place to start is with the Chicago Public Art Program. Through a rigorous application process, you will have your name on a list for art projects for metro stations, special events, and other public facilities.

2) Artspace Lofts

As an artist in any new city, it’s hard to find affordable living spaces. That’s where Artspace has you covered. It is a nonprofit organization that creates spaces for artists to live and work. They provide living resources for artists and their families, as well as build a community for art shows, and businesses.

3) Art Institute of Chicago

While trying to move into your new space, you may want to find new places to immerse yourself in the culture. If you’re looking for beautiful museums with the same feel as The Met or MoMa, look no further than the Art Institute of Chicago. Not only do they provide a space for art lovers to join together in public, but online they have many articles about different pieces and topics about different mediums of art. They also have their own list of Educator Resources on their site. Definitely worth looking through.

4) Chicago Artists Coalition

While exploring the museums, you realize you want to accomplish your shot at displaying your work, there might be a way to do so. If you need more room to grow, whether physically or financially in your work, the Chicago Artists Coalition has many resources to find artists grants, jobs, connections, spaces, etc. The options are limitless.

(Artist print via Starbucks Roastery store )

5) The Agent List

If you’re like me who wants to find more opportunities in the photography/editorial world, this is the best place to find creative agencies to be an intern, photo assistant, or possibly be recognized for your talent. You can look up agencies based on location, with any being in the Chicago area.

6) Second City Theater

People will be amazed to find out that Chicago, similar to New York, has a big theater district. Maybe that’s why the play Chicago was so huge. Anywho, the place to dive into the performing arts would be Second City. It is a place famous for producing iconic talents from Saturday Night Live, The Office, and Stephen Colbert. Second City has acting/improv classes, music positions, scholarships, and more. You can even come in for a great comedy show for an evening.

Definitely check out these resources to fulfill your dreams of being an artist in the new city!

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