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It is our mission to cultivate an inclusive space for creatives across diverse art disciplines, to foster education, support, and connections. Through creative events, informative workshops, and the creation of diverse opportunities, we aim to seamlessly integrate the arts into communities and empower artists to thrive in every facet of their craft.


To provide a space for every creative all over the world to learn, connect, and be their true creative self.


Nothing But The Arts is a connection and creative space organization for teens and young adults who are interested in the arts (music, fashion, photography, painting, dancing, etc.) and media. This organization seeks to support the arts and media fields and ensure the arts are playing a vital role in communities and schools. Members will be able to connect, learn, attend events and workshops, and hear from people in their fields to gain more experience and insight. This organization also helps members to gain access to different opportunities for participation in every arts field.


Starr Jackson Headshots2988.jpg

Starr Jackson


Originating from Prince George's County Maryland, Starr Jackson is a young creative and entrepreneur who always strives to reach her goals.  Starr is a graduate of the illustrious North Carolina Central University in Durham, NC. While attending NCCU, she majored in Business Administration with a concentration in Management and a minor in Mass Communication.

During the fall semester of 2018, Starr was able to start her own organization called "Nothing But The Arts" (NBTA).  In 2020 during the pandemic, Nothing But The Arts was established as an incorporation and became a non-profit organization. NBTA is now expanding to other communities all over.

Currently, Starr has brought her podcast called "The Underground Station" under NBTA as special initiative to highlight creatives and creative businesses. On the podcast, Starr was able to interview numerous artists and hold many Instagram lives. Since she started her podcast she has been able to able to interview people such as: Reggie Couz, GQ from Jamla records, Alex Mack, AsatheProdigy, Ryan Chew, Autumn Joi Live, The Real Van Van, Four Washington, Varonica Mitchell, Khrarmony Fortune, and many more.

While growing up,  Starr always had a passion for the arts and media, and she knew that she wanted to help others chase their dreams despite what industry they were in. A statement that she always goes by that is now a slogan for NBTA is; “learn, work hard, always be a visionary, and never give up”.

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