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Broccoli City Festival and Their Strive for Social Change

Updated: Jun 7, 2022

The 10th annual Broccoli City Festival was held this past weekend on May 7th and 8th in Washington, D.C. at the RFK Stadium. It’s one of the largest annual musical festivals that encourages young people and community organizations to get together and help to build a more racially equitable for young black Millennials and Gen Z’ers. The Broccoli City Festival is a black-owned establishment that helps enact progress for creative and community growth by focusing on catering to people’s needs.

Centered around music, art, and social change, The Broccoli City Festival invites dozens of artists every year. The festival, hosted by Little Bacon Bear, Rodney Rikai, and Gia Peppers, was headlined by performances by Ari Lennox and Summer Walker. This year’s lineup featured other notable artists like 21 Savage, Lil Durk, Rico Nasty, Wizkid, Tems, and more! The expected turnout was almost 85,000 attendees and the festival was attended by millions more through an online audience (Broccoli City Festival, 2022). In the past, Broccoli City has hosted other events than musical festivals, including Career Expos and a Fitness Festival to encourage health and wellness amongst young people.

While the COVID-19 pandemic stopped the festival for two years, for its 10-year anniversary, The Broccoli City Festival went all out with its guest artists. The American rapper, Wale, was originally not able to join the festival, but appeared last-minute with an amazing performance with musical artists in the area including Big Flock, Vishy Rathor, Lightshow, Flex Kartel, Noochie, Lil Chris from TOB, No Savage, and more!

The Broccoli City Foundation strives to bring about social change by empowering communities to celebrate black culture and using music and art to connect with people of all ages. They are truly doing such important work and their dedication to creating spaces and experiences that proudly display and celebrate black culture.

Did you attend The Broccoli City Festival? Let us know how you enjoyed it by leaving a comment!



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