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New Ways To Listen To Music

Updated: Nov 26, 2022

By: Lyra Wilson

Through music streaming websites like Spotify, Apple Music, etc., it's so easy to scope by songs. With so many artists around the world, we are all listening to music collectively in more ways than ever before. Going as far as Frank Sinatra’s song “Fly Me to the Moon” being the first song to be played from space, it goes without saying if you love a really good bop, you’ll do anything to connect to it more. The old-school way of doing things can sometimes evoke nostalgic memories, while also making new ones with friends and family. So here are some new ways to listen to music.


This is a personal favorite of mine, as well as some artists who release music specifically for this medium, such as Lana Del Rey, Arctic Monkeys, or any artist from the Tumblr era trying to make a comeback. Vinyl is a great way to appreciate music as a total package of an art form. Before getting to the music itself, you get the shopping experience. Make a whole day out of being at the record store and plow through those milk crates. Searching through records literally feels like digging for treasure. Like Forrest Gump says, “You never know what you’re going to get” …. Forrest Gump is a highly recommended soundtrack by the way. ( Also tip for maintaining vinyl: If you leave your record in a hot car it will literally melt and warp. It would be like a melted box of chocolate…and you know exactly what you’re going to get. Be sure the record shop is the last stop before going home). Whilst going shopping you may find something rare but you have to think instinctively because in a lot of cases you will be unable to find rare vinyl like that again. A lot of the time, picking up the vinyl purely just for the cover art itself, and not knowing what the music is even about, keeps the excitement and mystery alive. What’s so fun about shopping is you can do this by yourself, you can spend time with friends, or even simply connect with other people in the store about your love of music. I know that may sound daunting to people with social anxiety but trust me when I say music fans/vinyl collectors for the most part are very friendly people.

Once you get home with that record, you’ve already made a memory of just buying it. But that first listen is everything. To this day, I remember my first record and the first listen I had that night. You just put the needle down, and that first crackle brings warmth in the room. Sit, and admire the photography/artwork within the packaging, or you can sit and stare at the vinyl go round … for a little because this gets dizzying so fast. Then if you’re doing something with the record playing, it gives you a chance to realize how much you were working. Take a minute, stretch your legs, take a break and turn to the next side.

Vinyl is a great way to be present with your music choices. Also if you end up not liking the album from a random purchase, records, and record art makes great wall art!


Oddly, these still exist. This reminds me of specifically the early 2000s (underrated opinion.. let's bring back valore tracksuits).  But remember when going on road trips, you’d buy a cd and immediately pop it into the car, and blast it with the windows rolled down? That's what CDs should be. A love for the places you go with a specific artist, seeing how many times you can listen to the cd before you’re tempted to throw the cd out the window because it got old fast. Even with the CD Walkman. You can chill with your own music while the driver listens to what they want. And before you say, carrying CDs is too much to bring, there are little cd holders to keep ONLY your favorites. 

Speaking of walkmans..


Again, are oddly making a comeback. With places like Urban Outfitters up charging for something that may or may not tangle in your Walkman or boom box. BUUUUUTT you do get to hold up a boom box on your shoulder outside your lover’s window like in the Jack Cusack movie, Say Anything.

The iPod: 

Even though Apple decided to discontinue making iPods, as iPhones, streaming, etc are more popular nowadays, you can still find a large selection of iPods on sites like eBay and Amazon. Some may even come pre-filled with music. Which could be interesting if the songs are to your taste, or discover new songs that people enjoyed before you. Now you may be thinking, “ isn’t this the same thing as streaming by utilizing modern technology for music?”  To that, I say yes and no. You’re more present with it than you think. Actively going to iTunes and buying specifically your favorite tunes, ripping songs from CDs to your device, and who can forget the fun of moving your thumb round and round trying to find things.. or could be great for the equivalent of fidget spinners. It’s an all-in-one device that takes you back to simpler times, when you weren’t tempted to go on social media every hour, and just be with your earbuds in… as annoying as the wires may be when they’re tangled.

Live Bands:

What's better than studio versions of songs? The live version! There are so many ways to go see bands without having to pay an arm or a leg for it. Find local bands that play near you, drag your friend to a concert they’ve never heard of. The best music usually comes when you’ve never heard of the band. Make your own blog raving about music, and ask politely to management or PR teams to utilize your creative talents to work alongside them in photography, graphic design, video work, etc. I do believe the best feeling nowadays, is to save up for a concert, and then it all pays off when you’re actually there. Live bands overall are a great way to be literally IN the music. 

So, put down that phone, make some memories, clear your head, and let the music inspire you throughout your days.

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