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By: Lyra Wilson

What I enjoy the most about exploring a new town or city is finding small businesses that add a bit of flavor to the town, shopping experience, or my day. This can range anywhere from coffee shops to get unique flavors that are not a Starbucks pumpkin spice latte to independent thrift stores where I find my best outfit pieces. This Saturday at Nothing But The Arts Incorporated (NBTA), we want to shout out these small businesses for you to check out and support.


Addie Rawr is a place to check out if you need cards for the holidays to give to the ones you love, planners for the new year ahead, or wonderfully illustrated art prints for your blank wall. There’s an array of beautifully illustrated designs that fit your personality type and style. If you sign up on the email list you will get 15% off your first order. Addie Rawr is an all-in-one business platform designed to help uplift black women and black culture. The woman behind everything, Addie, shows off her creative side, but also promotes resources to find grants, has a blog to promote new topics to elevate the black lifestyle, and has opportunities to donate toward their platform to reach more significant heights as a production team. This business is certainly one to watch.

Black Vanity

This small business makes products that not only allow you to make the most out of your outer beauty but promotes what it does for your inner beauty. Black Vanity creates products for skincare, haircare, men's products, etc. The CEO, Sabrina, is a self-love/self-care advocate who makes hand-crafted, plant-based items that are healing to your body. The end goal is for people who use the products to take themselves more seriously. So if you need a detox from work stressors, or just need to take time for yourself, Black Vanity has all the supplies you can need for a night in.

Precise Beauty By Dej

Are you going to a really nice event, but you don’t have a nice jewelry piece to help you stand out? Precise Beauty by Dej has hand-crafted necklaces in vibrant colors for any occasion. Dej is on her way to promoting her work on social media, going to entrepreneurial events, and much more. Her work is purely stunning and be sure to check out her latest designs.

Thunderstruck USA

Personally, I’m a big music fanatic. Rock and roll is one of my top favorites. If you love rock and roll or overall vintage vibes, Thunderstruck USA will be just for you. The woman behind the powerful brand created Thunderstruck to champion strong, powerful women. She creates everything from jackets, accessories, boots, and more by hand to the tiniest of detail and it shows.