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Resources in Atlanta for Professional and Upcoming Artists

Atlanta, Georgia is a central hub for tourists and locals alike, but they also find time to celebrate and honor their professional working artists and creatives. Through the following three relief and support programs, the city of Atlanta puts their creatives first and allows them to find out about the resources they need to thrive in their respective art fields.

The Georgia Council for the Arts is a statewide organization that focuses on the development of Atlanta through valuing the work and lives of professional working artists who live there through grants, programs, workshops, exhibits, and general funding.

Through these art-centered programs and exhibits they have provided 200,000 jobs to aspiring artists in the city $62.5 billion in total economic impact.

The Council “believes that art can transform communities” and through their website you can read about the ways Atlanta has supported their communities that are involved in art - from arts in tourism to arts in correctional facilities no one is left behind.

One of their exhibits, titled “Georgia’s State Art Collection”, represents media from the 1970s to the 1990s and showcases paintings, jewelry arts, photography, pottery, and more.

One of their more successful programs, Teaching Artists, gives artists the opportunity to lead workshops, travel to perform, and work long term at school residences. Any Georgia resident who is experienced in the art can apply to lead the next generation of creatives.

Not only does the Council allow artists to become involved in their communities, but it also allows them to apply for and learn about grants.

The Council offers access to 7 different grants that specialize in different creative fields such as literary and arts education, giving artists the knowledge to apply to these grants and what to do with the money after they receive them.

The Creatives Project (TCP) goes a bit deeper and closer to their community working hands and individually on with creative talents of all ages.

You don’t necessarily have to be a professional artist already to reap the benefits of this organization. In fact, those who are underrepresented in the arts or who have a lack of access to creative outlets are more encouraged to join TCP.

For those looking to learn new artistic skills or hone the ones they already have, TCP offers digital workshops led by creatives already established in their respective fields. From screenwriting and directing to graphic design and abstract art you can find all of their past, and upcoming workshops on their website for free.

One of TCP’s most exciting programs is their Creative Community Housing Project and their Art-Force collaboration - a two year artist in studio residency - (they are currently accepting applications on a rolling basis!)

“ART-FORCE will create new opportunities for Atlanta’s burgeoning arts community and will enable the city to retain its creative talents. The program will have a profound impact on the area's social economy by enriching community life and preserving cultural integrity while encouraging connection with Atlanta’s citizens.”

If you are not interested in learning new artistic skills, but are still seeking resources and assistance in the Atlanta area, the Atlanta Artist Relief Fund is right for you. An artists’ day to day activities can become universal struggles, and the Atlanta Artist Relief Fund makes it easier to navigate those struggles, as their motto is “no artist is left behind.”

The Fund offers easy and accessible monetary assistance, from a handful of different nonprofits and organizations, in one location. With 10 drop down links, easily find artist grants, mental health resources, legal services, childcare, and more that support you and your creative endeavors.

Looking to talk to someone in person? The Fund holds in person events that teach artists the skills they need to thrive in their artistic world and avoid every obstacle that may come their way.

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