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Fall 2022 Fashion Trends to Keep an Eye On

With fall coming up and a lot of us heading back to high school or college, it's time to think about your fall wardrobe! We still have a couple of months before it will be cool enough to break out the knit sweaters, but if you start prepping now you’ll be prepared for the new season and all its wonderful fashion statements!

Many factors affect fashion over the course of the year and years. When autumn comes around, sweaters, gloves, scarves, and hats always become more common as the weather becomes more cold. Also, reds, yellows, browns, and other so-called “autumnal” colors will become more common these colors are associated with fall fashion because of the changing of the leaves. These are pretty much constant every year.

But these aren’t the only trends that will influence fashion circles this year--we are also living in an age of nostalgia. The past few years have been heavily influenced by the eighties, from mom jeans to polka dots. This will change in a few years experts in the fashion industry say that nineties nostalgia is on the rise, but we are still in a transitional period. Also, fashion is also being influenced in different ways by different groups. Gender non-conformist fashion is blossoming alongside cottagecore and dark academia. The body positivity movement has been making strides to encourage better plus-sized fashion and more variation of silhouettes. People are adapting and updating old styles, but also embracing various aspects of vintage fashion that previously had been looked down on.

With those general principles in mind, here’s our list of trends we anticipate will be coming back this fall!

1. Denim overalls and comfortable jeans, especially high-rise jeans, are coming back now! Think back to all sorts of nineties-style jeans for inspiration.

2. Versatile, simple, and comfortable, white tanks are a fashion staple. With several high-profile brands using models in white tanks for their marketing, this trend is likely to continue into autumn. This is a great option for a layering piece.

3. Chunky knit sweaters will be coming back! In the past few years, there’s been a resurgence of chunky knit sweaters. Anticipate that trend to continue, and for cropped sweaters to be paired with high rise pants!

4. When you want to look a little more sleek, then leather is your new best friend! Black leather minidresses are on trend, in addition to black leather pants and jackets.

5. On the topic of jackets, bomber jackets are still in! Pair them with tight pants or a form-fitting undershirt to balance the look, or embrace the bagginess!

6. Small purses with top handles are also coming back. Unobtrusive and stylish, these give you an easy way to carry around your phone without ruining your look.

7. Clogs and comfortable boots will be all the rage this fall, with platform heels, laces, and steel toes everywhere.

8. This outlier has been popularized by Gen Z, particularly on outlets like Tiktok and Youtube: corsets. In recent years, prominent fashion historians have started correcting old and often misogynistic misinterpretations of the effects and purposes of corsets. Perhaps surprisingly, the youth have listened. This old-fashioned and often maligned piece of underwear has become increasingly popular as a piece of statement outerwear. Even for people who can’t afford a real corset, thick waist belts and other corset-mimics are becoming popular.

Now, when you are planning out your wardrobe, you should think ahead to what styles will make you feel confident and what you enjoy wearing. This article will focus on your predictions for what will be popular in fall 2022, but I want to assure you that fashion is about you and your sense of self-worth, not other people. If you want to ignore what is popular and wear something else, do it! You should dress in a way that makes you comfortable and shows who you are. If you don’t want to spend the money on a whole new fall wardrobe, or if you just don’t like the styles we predict will come back, then more power to you!

What styles do you think will be coming back this year? What are you looking forward to wearing? Do you agree or disagree with anything on our list? Tell us in the comments, or message us on Instagram. You can also join our Geneva Groupchat if you want to ask for more fashion tips from other creatives!

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