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DMV Artist Resources

Updated: Mar 21, 2023

The DMV area (DC/Maryland/Virginia) is known for thinkers, politicians, and creatives alike. But when broken down into each individual state, they all have something unique and great to offer to their local creatives and professional artists.

The DMV Music Alliance is a non-profit organization working to bring all musicians, professional or not, the resources they need to succeed and grow their network of listeners.

Through research and development, networking, resources and support, grants and stipends, professional development, and community partnerships, The Alliance is able to best target their communities’ needs and address them adequately while also getting musicians up on their feet.

Not only do they offer general development resources, but they also offer monthly workshops catered towards musicians, industry professionals, and the general public which include tips for being an artist manager, how to maximize your social media, vocal coaching, business strategies, and much more.

Follow this link to become an area liaison or genre representative to showcase your artistry with The Alliance

The Virginia Center for the Creative Arts (VCCA) promotes individual artist growth through permanent long-term residences. Since 1971 they have had over 6,000 fellows go through their artist-in-residency program in their two locations in Virginia and abroad in France. Even if you are an emerging artist, or already deeply established one, the organization welcomes you to deep-dive into your craft.

“In residencies ranging from one to six weeks, Fellows have the freedom to work individually and interact with 20+ writers, visual artists, and composers in residence…Mt. San Angelo offers artists a private bedroom with private en-suite bath, a separate individual studio, and three meals each day, all within sight of the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains.”

If you are interested in spending time away from daily distractions in order to pour all of your time and attention into your art, the VCCA allows you to do so while also providing exhibitions, workshops, panels, and fellowships for all national (and international!) artists.

View VCCA’s open applications here.

Looking to bridge your art with social change? The Capitol Hill Arts Workshop (CHAW) strives to build community through the arts while also understanding that art is one of the most important drivers in supporting social justice movements, and also creating social movements on its own.

On the surface CHAW offers classes, workshops, residences, trainings, and performances. From acrylic painting and ceramics to ballet and tap classes, all creatives of all ages who are interested in learning new artistic skills or honing the ones they already have are encouraged to join their community.

The most accessible resource they offer is affordable studio rental space for all individuals and organizations who need a temporary physical space to work on their creations. They also have their own gallery in which professional and student artists can display their work for the community to see, as well as get feedback from.

Join your local community of creatives from all over the world in our very own Geneva group chat!

Virginia Center for the Creative Arts:

Capitol Hill Arts Workshop:

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