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Accessible Artist Resources in Los Angeles

Los Angeles is a bustling city with artists, dancers, singers, and musicians alike searching for stardom. Artist resources and community spaces are no short of limitless in the city of angels, but many artists are just starting out and searching for a common community to share their creative imaginations with. This article will explore one community arts-space and one grant writing workshop for all creatives in the Los Angeles area.

Looking to eat, sleep, live, and breathe your art?

Through a mission of cultural inclusivity, Art Share L.A. offers emerging artists (dancers, visual artists, and more) the opportunity to “live, work, develop, perform, and exhibit” their work to a welcoming community free of limitations.

Located near Little Tokyo, the community-centered space offers art studios, classrooms, a theater, and even five private lofts where artists can live and have a temporary residency to let their creativity flow.

An important part of being an all-around creative is to not only have physical space to dedicate time to your art, but also to eventually monetize your craft.

Looking to elevate your art through grants, mentorship programs, and other resources?

Grant writing workshops are a great place to start and Los Angeles offers workshops to their local creatives with the help of The Los Angeles County Department of Arts & Culture.

Grants provide emerging artists, creatives, and business owners financial investment and give you free prestige and promotion. Los Angeles county values its artists, no matter how big or small, and in this department grant writing workshops are offered specifically for emerging artists looking to start their career and arts and culture non-profit organizations looking to elevate their platforms.

These workshops teach creatives the basics of grant writing such as guidelines and tips for submitting a strong proposal that is catered to their creative needs. Additionally, there are endless employment opportunities for all types of creatives and open calls for artists throughout the year.

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