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The Ins and Outs of Copywriting & Why Creatives Should Care

Ever had to write up an ad for a product? Probably not, for most of you. Ever had to read an ad for a product? I’d bet good money we all know the answer to that. We can easily run into hundreds of ads on a day-to-day basis. From billboards to radio to social media to TV, ads are everywhere. This is annoying as a consumer, but as a creator it's far worse. Many publishers do little to market creative works, and that’s not to say anything about indie creators! With so much competition, how can you market your product? We hate most of the ads we run into everyday, so how do you write up marketing material that actually changes people’s minds? How can you tell the world about your arts, or your book, or your music? One of the best ways is to learn or find someone to help you with copywriting!

Copywriters are skilled with writing to convince people to take some form of action, especially to buy something, follow a link, or donate to a cause. They will take a look at your email campaign and tell you what kind of approach you should follow and why. They are the ones who take your content and write up some persuasive text that appeals to your audience.

“But is this dishonest?” some of you are probably worrying. “If I hire a copywriter, will they have me be inauthentic? Will I be scamming people out of their money?” This is a reasonable concern – we’ve all seen creatives who betray their origins for popularity. But it doesn’t need to go that way, if you are careful. Your copywriter isn’t there to change your work at all – that’s between you and any editors or publishers you choose to work with. They are only there to take what you have made and present it to the people who want that in their lives. A good copywriter will help you be more authentic by showing you how to reach people with your message. And, when it comes to money, you deserve to be rewarded for your hard work, and your audience deserves the chance to experience your amazing work!

If you are an up-and-coming creative, you need to consider how you will get your work to your audience. Maybe you can do it on your own – if you are savvy with writing, social media, and networking, you can totally market your own material! If you don’t have the time for that, though, you might want to consider talking with a copywriter.

If you are a skilled writer and copywriting sounds fun to you, then consider it as a profession! You can get to work with all sorts of businesses and organizations and make good money. It’s hard work and you need to do your research, but you can help people reach audiences that want or need something they can offer! You can make a difference and make cash at the same time!

Either way, tune in next week for our workshop with copywriter Maria Schena! She’s written copy on many different topics, so she’s sure to know something you're interested in! Learn about copywriting, sales, and more on Tuesday, July 26th. Sign up here for this free educational workshop on copywriting!

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