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5 Art Contests for Young Artists

Art can be lonely and frustrating. Whether you’re an author or a painter, videographer or dancer, we all need critiques for our failures and recognition for our success. Social media can help, but that won’t necessarily get you professional recognition, let alone money or scholarships. But you can get these from art contests! Here’s a list of art contests and how they can help you as a young artist, from teenagers to adults!

1) The Scholastic Art and Writing Awards for Kids

This contest is for Canadian and American teenagers in junior high and high school who are over 13. With almost thirty categories in art and writing, you’re sure to find something that fits you! Award-winning works will be shown in exhibitions and associated magazines/ Meanwhile the National Medalists will be listed on the website, eligible for scholarship opportunities, and invited to a ceremony in New York! If this sounds interesting to you, keep an eye on the registration period for your area. You should be able to send in works by December or January.

2) Embracing Our Differences Art Exhibit

This visual art contest is open to everyone! Drawings, digital art, paintings, and photographs are all accepted so long as they are within the specifications listed on the website. The theme is embracing and celebrating the wonderful range of human diversity in race, age, gender, ethnicity, everything you can think of! This contest will have three major winners; the Best-in-Show Adult, the Best-In-Show Student, and the People’s Choice Award Winner. Each one will receive $2,000 and their art will be displayed for three months in Florida! Better yet, there is no entry fee! Make sure to enter before October fifth.

3) Artists Magazine Annual Art Competition

This arts magazine is open for artists who want the recognition of maybe being featured in the Artists Magazine! The criteria is quite broad -- anything you can take a picture of should work! Winners can get between $500 and $3,000 dollars. End of admissions is on Monday, June 20th, but keep an eye out for the winners! This competition will open up again next April, so you have plenty of time to get ahead. There is an entry fee of $40.

4) The Sunny Art Prize

This British art contest is open to international applicants who are interested in videography, photography, fine art, sculpture, and more! The first three winners will get over a thousand pounds (roughly $1,300) to three thousand pounds (around $3,777). You may also win a chance to travel with your art to display locations in China! This year’s deadline is June 30th, 2022. You must be at least 18 to apply.

5) The Chelsea International Fine Arts Competition

This visual arts contest is open to individuals of all nationalities over the age of 18. Some of the categories include sculpture, drawing, and photography. Thirty winners will be selected to be displayed. Of those, five will get $1,000. The award winners for this year have been announced, but the contest will open up again next April! Check out the winners and start planning your future works. Maybe this extra time will give you the leg up you need to get the awards you deserve!

Also, of course, remember that these art contests are huge and famous. If you don’t win a prize, don’t be discouraged! Keep an eye out for competitions in your area. These smaller events will give you special opportunities to meet people with your interests and talk with judges about how to improve. Getting your work in an exhibit is nice, but getting good enough to deserve that is better!

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