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Nothing But the Arts Incorporated: Summer Care Packages

If you’ve been following NBTA, then you know that we just finished running a donation drive for charity! We worked with HelpUSA in Philadelphia PA and Shepherd's Cove Emergency Shelter in Capitol Heights, MD, to supply hygienic supplies and more for homeless women and their families. NBTA collected both monetary donations and material donations to help those in need. Now that the donation drive has wrapped up, NBTA CEO/President Starr Jackson and Vice President Catara Lane have finally been able to drop off the supplies at the shelters.

When you are homeless, or living rent-to-rent, you find yourself cutting down on things most people would consider necessary. There are many shelters which offer food and clothes--not enough, but many. But how easy is it to take cleaning supplies for granted? I know I’ve never had to wonder if I can afford shampoo and conditioner, but there are people out that have to make these tough decisions. But everyone deserves to be able to have the necessary items they need for their everyday life. As a nation, we are still recovering from Covid and NBTA wanted to be able to give back to those in need during this time, with the help of our donors.

NBTA President Starr Jackson chose this charitable endeavor because, “I am really big on community service and helping those in need. I enjoy giving back and seeing the smiles on people’s faces, and it’s something I grew up on from my family. The idea of giving summer care packages was something I thought on for awhile and I wanted to just act on it this summer. NBTA is all about the arts and media, but also ensuring that our surrounding communities have the necessities they need in their time of need. This drive was able to just do that with help of our community and donors.”

This week and last, Starr and Catara directly worked to pack, transport, and deliver the supplies to the shelters. They also bought supplies with the generous donations provided by you, our supporters and donors! These supplies included, but were not limited to hand soap, dish soap, feminine hygienic supplies, and hand sanitizer. Catara said, “It was a very heartwarming feeling to be able to support other organizations' missions and also being able to help people in the process.”

Of course, we couldn’t have done this alone. First of all, thank you to all of our followers who helped in any way. Your donations and your outreach to other people made this drive possible. When asked about the donation drive, Starr said, “I would like to thank all from both shelters, especially United Communities Against Poverty Incorporated, and Ms. Deborah Ellison for keeping in contact with me throughout the process. I look forward to working with them again to do different activities and events.” Vice President Catara Lane also thanks Jessie Stephenson, the director of More Than a Handout, for connecting us to Help USA.

And Nothing But the Arts doesn’t plan to stop here! As a nonprofit, our goal is helping people and making a positive impact in the community. This will only be one of many charitable endeavors! “In December, we will be back with our third donation drive, which will be our second Christmas donation drive,” Starr said, and Catara added, “In the future, I would love to do a back to school drive.” After the success of this donation drive, we at NBTA are already looking forward to thinking of new ways we can reach out and help in the future!

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