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Anne-Marie’s Farewell to NBTA!

Hello, all! If you’ve been reading through the NBTA blog this summer, you probably recognize my name. If not, then go read the articles! Me and my co-workers worked very hard on them, and you’ll probably care a bit more about this one if you’ve read my work!

Done that? Good! Then you should already know that I’m Anne-Marie Frisby, and that I’ve been working on the NBTA blog since late May. You might not know I also helped Alana out with a couple of Tiktoks, posted some of our blog articles to LinkedIn, and made Pinterest pins for the articles! It’s been a busy — though very rewarding — summer. And now, as school gets closer, today is my last day as an NBTA Content Writer. So, I wanted to tell you all about how my summer and my experience at NBTA went!

I knew, going into this spring, that I wanted to work on an internship this summer. I wanted to use these free months to learn about artistic industries and grow as a writer and creative. But, as I scoured online for jobs, I gotta admit that I was more scared than excited. Before this, I’d never had the chance to work in the creative arts field, even though I hope to end up there after graduation. When I was combing through job options, I tried my best to look for something I could be passionate about, something that would give me the experience I need to be a better artist and team-player.

Nothing But the Arts stood out to me, not only because of its mission, but because even in the interview I felt comfortable. My later-supervisor, NBTA Vice President Catara Lane, asked me about my interests and goals, and made me feel welcome. So, when I heard that I was accepted, I was thrilled to have this opportunity.

The team with Nothing But the Arts is passionate, kind, and communicative. Throughout the internship, I felt supported and encouraged by my coworkers and my supervisor. I also had a lot of creative freedom, and even had the opportunity to practice my graphic designs! I’ve also been able to listen to the great speakers they hosted for events, such as Kharmony Fortune and Maria Schena! I highly suggest you all look through the NBTA social media feeds for all the tips and tricks they offered! As an aspiring artist myself, their advice is worth the time.

Now that summer is almost over, my current game plan is finishing my senior year of college, working a few years to gain experience in the writing and entertainment industry, and eventually squirreling my way into a job where I can write creative narratives with a passionate team. My work with NBTA has shown me just how much teamwork and a good community make a difference, and I really hope I can bring a bit of NBTA friendliness to my future jobs. One way or another, I’m sure y’all will hear from me again some time soon!

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